Who I am

My name is Letizia Iacopini and I started being interested in vintage fountain pens in the late 1980s. In 1990 I was one of the founders of the pen collectors club “Italian Academy for Fountain Pens,” the first such association in Italy. For more than ten years I cooperated with the Club in a variety of ways; managing the Secretariat service, taking care of the Club’s quarterly publication “Stilomania” and organizing events, exhibitions, collectors’ meetings, and pen shows. 


During those years I focused my personal interest on the history of Italian fountain pens, in particular by collecting historical material and interviewing collectors, shop owners, and experienced repairmen. My aim was to exhaustively catalogue the Italian pen production scenario from the early 1900s to the 1950s.


My first book on Italian fountain pens, written in 1996 in cooperation with Enrico Bettazzi, was “Tibaldi: A History of Pens, a History of Men" published by Allemandi.
During the 1990s I cooperated in the production of various pen books on the history of fountain pens, including: “Omas" by Emilio Dolcini; “Aurora” by Luca de Ponti; and "Fountain Pens of the World"  by Andrew Lambrou, among others.


In 1998 I wrote and published the book “Waterman Safety - The Art of Overlay in Italy” in cooperation with Maurizio Dansi and Enzo Verduci. The book is dedicated in its entirety to Waterman Safeties with Italian overlays.


In 1999 I finished the first volume of the “History of the Italian Fountain Pens (A-N)." The second volume (O-Z) was published in 2000, completing the work of classifying Italian trademarks. Concurrently I wrote several articles for the Italian pen magazine “Penna”  and cooperated with Tom Westerich on a series of booklets for the Italian pen maker Stipula with the title “50 Years of Excellence in Pens." In 2005 I wrote the historical section of the book “Tibaldi," published by Mondadori.


Since 2005 I have dedicated myself mostly to my family and have drastically reduced my active presence in the world of pens. However, I have never stopped writing articles, pen reviews, and updates on the history of Italian fountain pens. My renewed participation at pen shows, meetings, and pen events started again in 2010.


I am presently committed to fountain pens full-time and take part in the most important pen conventions in Italy and abroad. I offer pen counseling to collectors all over the world, I catalogue collections, make expert evaluations, and continue to write.


My most recent book, “Parker in Italy 1900 - 1960,” was published in the summer of 2017.


Because of several writing mistakes in the past, documents of my family relatives sometimes show the name Jacopini with “J” and sometimes Iacopini with “I”. A few years ago all documents were corrected and my family name was definitely registered as “Iacopini” with “I”. Unfortunately now some of my books result as written by Letizia Jacopini and some by Letizia Iacopini… but it’s still me!